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I visited the region of Jalapão in October 2022. Beyond being shocked by the beauty of the many attractions of this state park, I was also shocked by how little people abroad know about the place.

Talking to the travel agencies and looking online, I realized there's very little accessible information about the place for internationals. 

It's a problem I was thrilled to tackle :)

🙅🏻‍♀️ My role

UX|UI Designer

⏳ Project timeline

1 month

🎨 Design stack

Figma, Webflow

jalapão website mockup presentation.jpg

Research and Visual References

I performed a quick research on the web and didn't find any relevant players in the market collecting information about travel agencies in Jalapão. 

So I just planned out the website brainstorming what could be included like so:

Image by Charles Betito Filho


  • hero parallax

  • about location

  • fatcs and numbers

  • what to expect (video gallery)

  • Trsuted travel agencies card

  • banner

  • contact form

  • footer

Image by Charles Betito Filho

Agency subpages

  • cool picture

  • about the agency

  • work profile (description of tags and ratings)

  • contact info: links

  • footer

My reference board for this project looked something like this:



Blocking out the layout and thinking about the elements.


Why Webflow

I decided to use Webflow for this project! Here's why:

  • low code

  • easy interface

  • responsiveness

  • CMS collection (for the subpages and some other repetitive elements)

  • I wanted to try it out :-)


633db5dd5443fd6bc572db17_Weblow Logo White.png




Subpages (CMS Collection s2)

I'm launching this project soon!

Still fixing some responsiveness issues, but you can see the live prototype on Webflow here:

Thank you for reading through this project!

I promise you'll also enjoy the next one

mayumi wink.png
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