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Product designer with 2+ years of experience in design showing the world that ➡️ design is everywhere, and ✨ user experience is ☝️ the best business strategy there is!


Product designer
2023 - present
JN Moura


ERP, Saas, Product strategy and no/low code development.

Freelance UX Designer
2021 - present
9+ clients and counting


Product design, user research, and everything in

My life before design
2014 - 2020
2023 - present

Brazil, and abroad

Institutional Relations, Intern @ the UN Geneva, Lawyer, and Legal Analyst.

What people say

Davi Aires

Lead Designer @JN Moura

aka my boss

“Mayumi is a great professional to work with, she is dedicated, easy to adapt, and flexible with routine changes. I'm proud to testify her evolution since she entered my team, she is a great teammate.”
Victor Lustosa

Full stack dev @ Foton


“Mayumi is very proatice and creative, work with efficiency even assyncronously and is always seeking to improve her skills. Excelent proefessional and I’m proud to work with her.”


Figma User Group Leader
2023 - present
FoF Palmas

Volunteering and spreading some design love

Free events, talks, and Figma!

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