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RDL2 UI Challenge

Relume (webflow templates company) has this super cool design competition where they bring awesome designers to show off their skills in a 30 min. match.

They often make the match's Figma file available for the community, full of references and resources so we can try the challenge too :)

I finally tried one of the challenges and this is the result!

RDL2 board.png


The challenge starts off with a wireframe and many resources, such as other websites' screen references, and great product photos, among other assets.

You also are requested to use a surprise element, this for this challenge was an icon.

Wireframe - Joseph.png

My design

This is my final UI design for this challenge. I went for a big font brutalist design, with a pop of color.


Desktop - 5.png
Thank you for reading through this project!

I promise you'll also enjoy the next one

mayumi wink.png
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