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IPB app

Project Overview

An open-source mobile app for the Central Presbyterian Church in Palmas/TO.


This is a volunteer project I'm leading together with my friend and Flutter developer, Victor Lustosa. Victor is a member of the Presbyterian Church, by watching some needs of the institution, he came up with a concept idea for the app and invited me to design and work on the user experience.

The MVP is already available on the Play Store 🥳. App Store is next on the line (jun/23).

🙅🏻‍♀️ My role

Solo UX|UI Designer

⏳ Project timeline

1.5 years - ongoing

🎨 Design stack


1. The Briefing

In a meeting with all the stakeholders, we gathered the requirements and needs, to really understand how the app would be beneficial to the church.


Some of the problems this specific institution encountered were:

manage members

Tracking new members, getting their information and getting to know them.

manage ministries

Supervise teams, organizing and onboarding volunteers.


Offering a focal point of communication with members (converging website, social media and whatsapp).


Administrative and finantial tools for promoting and managing events

programme and archive

Showing the liturgy of the service and songs being sung by the community


Bank information and go-to place for offerrings and donations.

Some other requirements were:

minimal design that could accommodate the church visual identity

reducing the costs of the project (whe it comes to data storage, etc)​

easy, intuitive features that could be enjoyed by a large audience (from 10 to 90 years old)

Design requirements

Once we knew we would like it to be an open-source project, to contribute to the community, I gathered other requirements for the design department (aks myself):

Design system

develop a complete design system full of instructions and recommendations (design variations and template options for easy rebrand of the app).

Broad personas

test the app with the general public to come up with extra features that could be suggested/inlcuded


have a neat figma file for sharing s2

What a challenge to my team of 1 person, right?!
But I was excited for it!

2. The Research

For the research phase, I kept it very minimal and essential:

  • a few user interviews with key members to understand the needs of each department

  • gathered references and

  • performed a quick market audit

User interviews

Here's an example of the kind of insights we were able to collect from user interviews:

user interviews ipbc app.png

Visual references

Thinking about the features that the app might have, I like to gather references from Mobbin, Dribble, and Google. 

This helps me framing already the layout and start thinking about the visual design. 

Can you recognize some of the apps below?

Mood board.png

Market audit

The market for church apps is very stiff; there are companies that offer a bundle of website + app, both of them from a few template options.

Personalization is more of a branding point of view, rather than fulfilling users needs. 

So we had the opportunity to make something highly personalizable that could benefit church communities!

3. Ideation

For ideating, I always start with user flows, and I actually enjoy bringing the team together for a workshop.


I also already think about user experience and try to include in the flow where there could be opportunities for animations, interactions, etc.

In other to provide management autonomy to the institution, we created 2 flows: one for the administrators and the other for general users.

IPB User flow map.png

4. Prioritization

Prioritizing for the MVP was definitely a challenge! What would be the most important feature to be launched first? What else to include so we could have a nice first experience in the app?

To answer these questions we spend some time in meeting with stakeholders, presenting design decisions and some options for different flows in the app.

Kano model IPB App.png

Ultimately, we closed on an MVP that would include:

Home - access to service pages

home ipb.png

Service page

liturgy ipb.png


music ipb.png


lyrics ipb.png


offerring ipb.png

5. High-fidelity prototype

I designed more features beyond the MVP scope, in order to have a better idea of the app structure and product roadmap, as well as broader user testing results.

So, my prototype also included:
- some sections for the administrators (adding songs, scheduling events, editing texts, etc)

- about section

- calendar/agenda

- service playlists

- articles

Sharing even Figma bugs because they are real! 🤷🏻‍♀️

6. User testing

Fail fast they say, right? 

We did 5 user testing with different leaders and members of the organization and here are some example of my findings:

user testing notes.png

7. V1 Launch!


We've just launched the first version of the app on the Play Store! (April 2023)

Update: we are planning for the launch on the App Store (probably jun, 2024), and working on the product backlog.


👯‍♀️ Devs are friends

The rewards of actually collaborating with developers early on (even before/during research) are amazing. Their views and inputs are so valuable that can actually make designers life a lot easier (as we are able to make their lives easier as well by understanding technical constraints and details). So, go talk to your developers!

✨ Early user testing

Early user testing is beneficial when you’re the only designer in the team. Users can be your co-creators when you’re designing solo. Just remember to have qualified users and clear goals in mind for the testing.


I am learning to create better systems to myself, in order to document my work. What is really working out for me managing multiple projects is having a database with templates for every piece of doc I can think of. Another tip I received from one of my mentors, is having a note pad beside you when you’re working, so you can annotate the most important decisions being made. Then I make sure to update the project page on notion and the action points.

Thank you for reading through this project!

I promise you'll also enjoy the next one

mayumi wink.png
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