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Technical Share

Project Overview

This project happened during a 2-week hackathon from a Tech Consultant Business called FCamara.

In the briefing, FCamara required the design and development of a mentorship platform called Technical Share.

Our team (Squad19) consisted of 3 UX Designers and 3 Full Stack Developers.

Enjoy the read!

🙅🏻‍♀️ My role

Lead UX|UI Designer

⏳ Project timeline

2 weeks

🎨 Design stack

Figma, Maze, Miro

Mobile Design

Sign up flow:

✔ Collects personal and professional data to create a profile;

✔ Shows system status and navigation;

✔ Helps with password creation.

App navigation:

✔ Allows research with keywords, skills, or interest tags;

✔ Shows personalize content according to your profile: suggestions for you, other designers, etc;

✔ Views mentor profile and book sessions;

✔ Easy chatting with mentors;

✔ Personal profile with next session highlighted and editing options.

I'm presenting the desktop designs here. Or just keep scrolling 🙃

Okay, how did she get to this design?


1. Research

🧐 Why do they need a mentorship platform?

The company’s vision is sharing and growing together. They had already been promoting mentorship but didn't have the structure to support it.

In addition, they are growing fast and need to train and educate people on the go.

So, the main business objective was

To create a solution for forming, training, and educating collaborators on the go, while fostering mentorship and teamwork.
🔑 TOP findings from secondary research

We performed desk research as well as a competitive audit to better understand related solutions and the mentorship market in general. These are the key findings:

Em uma reunião

The technology mentorship market in Brazil is pretty scarce. So there are manifold opportunities, including the basics: video mentorships, and beyond that, offering chat with mentors, and other features, like content tracks.

Trabalhando sozinho em um escritório escuro

Research shows that despite the fact that 71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentorship programs, only 37% of professionals have a mentor. So mentorship awareness exists, but there’s a disconnection with finding mentors.

💁 TOP findings from User Research

During UXR, we performed 6 user interviews, and a survey with 12 users to better understand demographics and references.

The main problem reported was related to knowing peers’ skills and understanding whom to reach out to. It was imperative for the project to solve this gap.


2. MVP scope

With the kick-off research and primary research analysis in mind, we have settled on the scope for the MVP.


(1) Find mentor specialists in the desired topic or skills, and have async contact or schedule a conversation.

(2) Map collaborators’ experience and skills, to ease identification and promote peer-to-peer exchanges

3. Ideation

After a 2-hour workshop with the team, we prioritized the best visual sketches that led us to wireframes later on.


We kept the onboarding experience as skinny as possible, with fewer inputs and a quick flow. Onboarding would be super important to the project, as we needed to map experiences and skills, to create the user’s profile.

wireframes cadastro.png

Home and Profile page

The main objective of the home page is to find mentors, so we created:

  • Search bar through keywords (name, skills, or experience)

  • Mentors' profiles with their information and skill tags

  • Search through skill tags

  • recommendation according to users’ profile

On the mentors' profiles, the user may:

  • open the chat with the mentor

  • schedule a video mentorship session


An option for real-time or async contact with the mentor. Works for a quick question or exchanging some important information about the mentor’s skills or current projects, for example.


3. Style Guide

We had been provided with the company's brand kit and brand guidelines. So the style guide for the app followed these materials.

Design System (1).png

4. High Fidelity Screens

5. User testing

Using a semi-moderated user testing script, we performed 5 usability tests that helped us iterate:

- on a reduced onboarding flow;

- home screen (adding research options);
- and profile section (reorganizing the content on the page)


Bonus: Desktop walkthrough


✨ Prioritizing for the MVP

It’s a skill that comprehends business analysis, market, technical feasibility, and many more factors. Defining the right MPV can make or break your project’s launch.

🫂 Keep the users in mind

During the project, it’s imperative to keep the users in mind for decision-making, that’s what is for the user experience mapping, personas, empathy map, and all the other resources developed during UXR.

🤝 Collaboration first

Fluid communication with the team and stakeholders turn the project much easier. Have a question or an insight? Ask right away.

Thank you for reading through this project!

I promise you'll also enjoy the next one

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